Can buyers view or try an item before paying for it?

HYON users rely on our services to streamline the buying and selling of used goods and maintain a higher level of privacy and security than traditional buy and sell marketplaces, especially during the physical transfer of an item from the owner to the buyer.

Because of this, we cannot release the pickup locations of items or arrange viewings until payment has been confirmed. 

For buyer peace of mind, we do offer 100% refunds at any point between purchase and pickup. If they arrive to pick up an item and decide not to take it (for whatever reason) - simply let us know and we'll process the refund as soon as possible. Our refund policy can be found here.

We are also happy to provide additional photos or any other information about the item so that you feel confident with your purchase.  We make a concerted effort to ensure that HYON items are exactly as described so there are no surprises when buyers go to pick them up.

Buyers can also purchase our Buy-Back Guarantee, which is available on select items. The Buy-Back Guarantee gives a buyer the option to try out the item in your home and then return it within 24 hours if you decide you don't like it. You can read about the details of the guarantee here. If you are wanting to purchase the Buy-Back Guarantee on an item but aren't sure if it's eligible, please reach out.