What is your refund policy?

We offer hassle-free returns any time between purchase and pickup / delivery by emailing hello@hyon.ca. HYON will refund the buyer the full cost of the item via their original payment method.
  1. Once a buyer takes possession of an item, the sale is considered complete and refunds no longer apply.
  2. If a buyer has purchased the Buy-Back Guarantee when they paid for the item, they have an additional 24hrs after taking possession to request a refund. You can read about the Buy-Back Guarantee here.
  3. If the buyer arrives for pickup—having already paid, because that’s the deal—and finds an issue (doesn’t fit, doesn’t work, found a defect, etc.), they can email hello@hyon.ca to request a refund. We will refund the amount to them via whatever method they used to pay.