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How does HYON Connect work?

We connect people who have items to sell with trustworthy sellers, and give you the platform to share all the information to make the sale process as smooth as possible. 

HYON Connect sellers are registered and verified, and can tell us what items they are best at selling. This gives owners peace of mind and can help their items sell faster.

If you have an item (or many items…) you want someone else to sell, you can add your items to Connect to get the process started. The HYON Connect team will review your details and match you with the right seller. 

From there, your HYON seller will post the items on existing buy & sell sites (e.g. Facebook Marketplace & Kijiji) to get the item sold with the desired price. 

The seller is responsible for posting, promoting, negotiating,confirming payment, and arranging the pickup with the buyer. 

HYON Connect keeps your information safe by providing a communication and connection platform that means you don’t have to exchange personal contact information to get your items sold.